Business waste

As a business owner, you can also leave business waste at the municipal recycling centres for a fee. Please note that the recycling centres in Junsele and Ramsele only accept limited amounts of waste from businesses.

Only private individuals are allowed to leave waste free of charge at the recycling centre, and this is because the cost of this is included in the fee for private individuals' waste collection.

Private individuals are also obliged to deliver their household and bulky waste to the municipality, while businesses are free to deliver their bulky waste to any recipient.

As a business owner, you can take some waste to a recycling centre yourself or hire a company to collect your waste.

Read more about business waste on the pages about recycling centres in the right-hand menu.

Sort your waste

The basic rule when planning your company's waste management is to sort the waste. This avoids unnecessary costs and reduces environmental impact. Sort out hazardous waste, electrical waste, packaging and newspapers.

Sorted bulky waste

In the case of bulky waste, it should also be sorted into wood, metal, gypsum, landfill and combustible. This is the cheapest way to dispose of waste.

Unsorted waste

You can also bring in unsorted waste, but this is more expensive than leaving sorted fractions.

But remember that you have to sort out hazardous waste and electrical waste from unsorted waste as well.


Packaging made of metal, glass, paper and plastic - both soft and hard plastic - is subject to producer responsibility. This means that producers are obliged to take care of it and arrange collection points.

Contact the Finnish Packaging and Newspaper Collection Agency (FTI) for information on where to drop it off.

To some extent, businesses can leave some packaging for recycling at municipal recycling centres. Read more about this on the pages on recycling centres.

Newspapers and recycled paper

Newspapers and recycled paper were previously covered by producer responsibility. However, from 1/1 2022, the municipality will be responsible for collecting them.

As a business owner, you can drop off newspapers and recycled paper at the municipality's three recycling centres and at the unmanned recycling stations located at various locations in the municipality.

You can use the containers for newspapers and waste paper:

  • Newspapers
  • Office paper
  • Paperbacks
  • Advertising brochures
  • Magazines

Businesses and apartment buildings can also be picked up at the property for a fee. Contact one of the municipality's contractors (Stena Recycling and Ragnsells) who collect newspapers and waste paper on behalf of the municipality.

Stena Recycling:

+46 (0) 10-4456670


+46 (0) 10-7230200

Household and similar waste

Household waste and similar waste from businesses, such as waste from staff canteens, restaurant waste and cleaning and toilet waste, must be delivered to the municipal waste collection service.

This means that as a business you must have a bin and a subscription for the collection of household waste.

You may not take your household waste to a recycling centre yourself.