Collection of household waste

Sollefteå municipality's contractor Allmiljö normally empties the bin every fortnight. The household waste collected is disposed of by incineration in Korstaverket, Sundsvall. By incinerating the waste, energy can be extracted that can be used to produce heat or electricity.

What day is my bin emptied?

In the "My subscriptions" e-service, you can see which day your bin will be emptied. Click on the link at the bottom. You will need your customer number to log in, which you will find on your invoice.

Sold or bought house?

If you have sold or bought a house, the new owner must be notified to the municipality. There is an e-service and form for this, click on the link at the bottom.

Collection at holiday homes

For holiday homes, waste is collected every fortnight from 1 May to 30 September. Some larger summer residence areas have communal bins, but if they do not, holiday homes may also have their own bins.

Share a bin with a neighbour?

The owners of two neighbouring properties can share bins after applying to the municipality, see form at the bottom. The invoice for waste collection goes to the owner of the bin, and those who share the bin can then split the charges between them.

The cost is partly for the bin plus an environmental fee of 404 SEK/year.
Price example for a 190-litre bin: 2130 + 404= 2534 SEK/year.

Keep in mind!

  • The bin is emptied between 06:00 and 19:00.
  • Shovel and sand around the bin.
  • Individual roads must be passable for the garbage truck. This means that the road must be suitable for a lorry and that no branches or twigs hang over the road. In winter, the road must be ploughed and sanded.
  • Do not put more rubbish in the bin than the lid can hold. Also, do not pack the bin, as rubbish can get stuck and will not fall out when emptied.
  • If you have a lot of rubbish in a week, you can put out an extra bag on collection day
  • Do not put loose rubbish in the bin, pack it in bags. This also applies to ashes from barbecues and other dusty waste. When barbecuing, remember to wet the ashes so that they do not catch fire in the bin.

Do you have questions about waste collection?

If you have questions about waste collection, please contact the municipality on 0620-68 20 00. For example, change of container, change of owner, invoice questions, prices, sorting or extra emptying.

However, if you have more specific questions about the waste collection itself, for example why you have not had your bin emptied, you can contact Allmiljö directly on 0620-100 20.