Collection of bulky waste

Every spring and autumn, the municipality collects bulky waste from households by property. Bulky waste is large waste that does not fit in the bin or waste that should not be put there. Mark combustible and non-combustible waste with "Bulky waste". Electrical scrap is labelled "Electrical scrap".

When is the collection?

Collection in 2023:

Collection in 2023:

Week of springSet out no later than 06.00Week of autumnSet out no later than 06.00
Non-combustible181 May364 Sept
Electrical scrap19-208 May37-3811 Sept
Combustible2122 May3925 Sept

Bulky waste must be put out before Monday at 06:00 on the week of collection. Please note that electrical waste must be put out by Monday at 06:00 on the first collection week. You do not need to notify that you have put out.

What can be left?

The amount of waste that can be handed in is limited, max 2-3 m3 of combustible waste and for other waste amounts that can be considered normal from a household.

  • Non-combustible: e.g. bicycles, crockery, shovels, metal or glass furniture, lawnmowers (emptied of oil and petrol).
  • Electrical waste: e.g. washing machine, electric cooker, fridge-freezer, drying cabinet, TV, computer, power tools, household appliances, telephones, light fittings (unscrew the bulb).
  • Combustible items: e.g. furniture, toys, carpets or sledges.

What must not be left?

  • Non-combustible: e.g. construction and demolition waste, car parts, lawnmowers, industrial waste, agricultural tools, iron stoves, permanently installed equipment in the house.
  • Electrical scrap: e.g. lamps (incandescent, LED, halogen), fluorescent tubes and permanently installed household equipment (e.g. water heaters).
  • Combustible: e.g. construction and demolition waste, car parts, commercial waste, permanently installed household equipment (e.g. bathtubs, shower cubicles), packaging and newspapers.

How should the bulky waste be disposed of?

  • Use transparent bags for smaller items.
  • Place them neatly and sorted by your bin. Combustible separately, non-combustible separately and electrical waste separately.

Think about it!

  • Label combustible and non-combustible with "Bulky waste". Electrical scrap is labelled "Electrical scrap".
  • Refrigerators and freezers, deep fat fryers and the like should be empty.
  • Packaging and newspapers are not collected. To be left at a recycling station or recycling centre.