Waste and recycling

Here you will find important information about waste management in the municipality. How to sort your rubbish, how waste is collected and where you can leave it.

How we deal with waste and recycling has a major impact on the climate and the environment. It is therefore important that you, as a citizen, contribute to this impact. By leaving your waste in the right place, you help prevent hazardous substances from entering the environment. In addition, you help to recycle valuable parts, which saves both natural resources and energy.

The municipality is responsible for household waste

The municipality has contractors who collect household waste. In Sollefteå municipality, Allmiljö is contracted to collect household waste. Nipfrakt is contracted to collect sludge from individual wells. From 1/1 2022, the municipality will also be responsible for the collection of newspapers and recycled paper.

In addition, we have recycling centres and environmental stations where waste can be deposited. We also collect bulky waste from households twice a year.

The municipality's waste management services are financed by fees according to a tariff decided by the municipal council.

Some waste is also subject to producer responsibility. In this case, each producer is responsible for ensuring that the waste is disposed of and treated properly. This applies, for example, to packaging, cars, tyres and silage wrap.

Waste management regulations

The Waste Management Regulation consists of waste management regulations and a waste management plan. In it, the municipality describes how responsibilities and obligations for waste generated in the municipality are to be handled, for example through sorting, collection, transport and treatment.

Property owners and leaseholders are obliged to deliver household waste to the collection service in accordance with the provisions set out in the Waste Management Ordinance. The current Waste Management Regulation applies for the period 2018-2025.