Scrap cars

As a car owner, you are responsible for your car even after you have taken it out of service. End-of-life cars (scrap cars) are hazardous waste because they contain liquids and parts that are dangerous to the environment.

It is your obligation to return your end-of-life vehicle to Bilretur's collection points or directly to an authorised car dismantling facility. This is to ensure that the car is recycled in an environmentally sound manner. The nearest authorised car dismantling facility (Ådalens) is in Kramfors.

In Sollefteå and Junsele, there will be a temporary reception point in November where you can hand in your end-of-life car for recycling. The car must be registered in advance at External link, opens in new window. and you must have received a receipt from Bilretur that the car will be accepted. Please respect the opening hours that you will be notified of once you have registered your car, it is not possible to bring your car in at any other time!

At the reception point, we will receive the cars that have been registered via External link. on two alternative occasions during the month of November 2022: 3 and 8 November in Junsele and 10 and 15 November in Sollefteå. If there is a lot of interest there will be more days.

The reception is a collaboration between BilRetur, Stena Recycling, Mobility Sweden and Sollefteå municipality.

Things to consider before you hand in your car

Register your car at External link, opens in new window. at least 7 days before.
Select Västernorrland County and then choose the collection point where you want to leave the car. Fill in the requested information and click on the continue button. Your registration will then be forwarded to Ådalens Bildemontering. You will then receive a confirmation of where and when you can return your car. The car must be reported for collection 7 days before it can be left at the collection point.

When you leave the car, you should have with you:

  • Signed registration certificate part 2 (the yellow part and the latest one issued).
  • Identity card.
  • Power of attorney if you are not the owner of the car.

Missing your registration certificate?

If you have lost your registration certificate, you can order a new one from the Swedish Transport Agency on their website External link, opens in new window. or by calling the service hotline: 0771 - 25 25 25.

Think about it!

It is free of charge to return the car to a collection point or authorised car dismantling facility. However, if essential parts are missing, or if there is material or waste that does not belong to the car, the car recycler may charge a fee.