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Separate sewerage

If you are unable to connect to the municipal sewerage network, you can instead build an individual sewerage system to treat your wastewater. It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the wastewater from the property is treated properly.

Why should wastewater be treated?

Wastewater contains nutrients and contaminants that can affect the environment around you. Discharge of poorly treated wastewater into our seas, lakes and other water bodies can cause oxygen deficiency in the water, leading to bad odours. It can also cause eutrophication, leading to algal blooms, overgrown lakes and further oxygen depletion. Severe eutrophication and oxygen depletion can lead to fish kills and reduced biodiversity. If untreated wastewater reaches a drinking water well, in some cases brushing your teeth in the well water can be enough to make you sick. Poorly functioning sewers can also spread contaminants to nearby lakes and rivers where people spend time or bathe.

Installing individual sewers

To build a new individual sewerage system, you need a permit from the municipality. To get the permit, you need to submit an application. If it is for bathing, dishwashing, washing or minor alterations, a notification is sufficient. Forms for applications and notifications can be found on this page.

If you have any questions about your sewerage system or are planning to build one, please contact the Environment and Building Department.

Choosing a facility

There are many different ways of dealing with sewage. The type of system you should choose depends on your property and the surrounding land. It may often be necessary to get help from a contractor or similar to agree a good solution.

Further information can be found on the Sewage Guide website.