Drinking water

In Sollefteå municipality there are 35 water sources, all of which are groundwater sources. These can consist of rock-bore wells and of so-called gravel filter wells, where water is extracted from groundwater-bearing gravel layers in the ground.

Water quality in different aquifers is therefore influenced by the bedrock or soil conditions around the aquifer where the groundwater is formed. Sollefteå municipality's water sources are spread over a large part of the municipality's area of about 5500 km², so soil and bedrock conditions are not the same everywhere. This in itself is reflected in some variations in water properties between different catchments.

Drinking water is classified as foodstuff and the requirements for its quality and control are set by the Food Administration according to the regulation SLVFS 2001:30.

Annual water sampling

The technical department takes annual water samples to ensure water quality. In addition, the Environment and Construction Unit takes a number of control samples. In general, the quality of the water supplied to subscribers is very good.

Water quality

Sollefteå municipality works to ensure that your drinking water is of the highest possible quality. We are on 24-hour standby, which means that staff are quickly on site in the event of any disruptions. In this way, we guarantee high quality drinking water around the clock.

Water samples

Drinking water is classified as food. The Swedish Food Agency sets water quality benchmarks. To check water quality, we take water samples at waterworks, on the mains and at consumers' homes. We send the samples to a laboratory, which tests the water for bacteria and micro-organisms.

The laboratory also checks whether the water is fit for human consumption, i.e. drinkable. Sollefteå municipality's water meets the requirements of the Food Administration.