Latrine containers for holiday homes are purchased at the municipal store Skärvsta in Sollefteå. The container costs 486 SEK and the cost includes disposal of the latrine. The container you buy is then marked with a sticker showing that you bought it from the municipality.

A full container must be sealed well before the container is left at a recycling centre (Rödsta, Edsbacken or Ramsele). If you have bought the container at the municipal store, you can return it free of charge.

If you want to return a latrine that you have bought yourself, you will be charged a fee of 486 SEK when you return it. It is therefore no cheaper to return a container that you have bought yourself.

The reason for this is that we want the latrine to be delivered to us in a container approved by the municipality. This is so that the container will last in our handling.

Kommunförrådet Skärvsta
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