Kvarnå Garden

Kvarnå Trädgård (garden) is a visitor garden in the heart of western Ångermanland, near Junsele. Berries and vegetables are grown and processed there in true artisan food spirit.

In the large greenhouse, there are over fifty varieties of tomatoes, and in the open field and in other greenhouses, everything edible grows that is processed and sold in the farm shop. Here you can have a relaxing cup of coffee in the sun on the outdoor terrace while the children play a game of blocks or play in the playhouse. For those interested in cultivation, it is free to stroll around both the garden and the tomato greenhouse.

The farm shop and café are filled with seasonal delicacies with a strong focus on local produce. There you can enjoy a coffee or a light lunch. For those who like to move, there is a soccer golf course, a perfect family activity for all ages.

A couple of times a year, the garden area is filled with happy visitors for various events. Egg hunt, rhubarb festival and soup festival are some examples of events that are arranged.

In the area, visitors will also find Kvarnå Sourdough bakery and Kvarnå Hantverksvinäger, where you as a visitor are invited to discover certain parts of their production, the end products of which are available for purchase in the farm shop.

For those arriving with a mobile home, there are also two pitches available, get in touch for more information.

Read more about Kvarnå Trädgård on their website. Länk till annan webbplats.

Bild på trädgården i Kvarnå