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Approximately 19,000 inhabitants live in Sollefteå municipality, of which about 8,000 live in the Sollefteå conurbation. Junsele, Ramsele, Edsele, Näsåker, Resele, Långsele and Undrom are some viable communities and villages in the municipality.

Business life is varied and mainly consists of small companies, but also larger private employers. Altogether, there are 1,100 companies in the municipality. Examples of some of our larger employers are Eon Kundtjänst, Statkraft, AQ Enclosure, Haglöf Sweden AB, Thermotech Scandinavia AB, Hedströms, Själanders & Brorssons Åkeri, Edsele Såg, Östanbäcks Timmerhus and others. The municipality is currently the largest employer.

Increased need for competence in both the private and public sector

The job market in Sollefteå municipality is fundamentally based on basic industries such as electricity production, forestry and operations linked to this, for example, sawmills, transport, haulage and forest management. Existing and potential establishments within the power industry place significant demands on the municipality's supply of skills in the coming years, providing great potential for a flourishing career in Sollefteå.

Health care is a large professional category in the municipality due to Sollefteå Hospital's extensive catchment area. The retirements of the coming years open up the labour market for a younger generation regarding all public jobs (all areas of competence), which provides excellent opportunities for a career in the public sector and a life in Sollefteå municipality.

Tourism is an industry with solid growth, such as Hotell Hallstaberget and Hallstaberget's ski resort.

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