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Bilden visar flera kanoter uppradade på en strand i Ångermanälven, solen håller på att gå ner

In Sollefteå, we are close to everything! Just step out the door, and outdoor life, beautiful nature, fun activities and events await. Fresh air and tranquil spaces are there to fill your senses. In addition to the central town, there are several urban areas, of which Långsele, Näsåker, Ramsele and Junsele are among the largest.

Our unique "nip" landscape, river valleys and forest landscape offer exciting nature experiences. The municipality has a rich associational life that provides the most in sports and outdoor life.
In the municipality, there are many cultural associations that offer a varied cultural life in film, music and theatre. Most famous is Urkult, which organizes a well-attended festival in Näsåker every summer. There are choirs and an active amateur theater association for those who want to be in the spotlight themselves.

You will find varied and exciting fishing in lakes, rivers, ponds and streams throughout the municipality. Most famous is the salmon fishing in the middle of Sollefteå city.

Junsele Djurpark has animals from large parts of the world, such as white tigers, camels, and bears, as well as a children's zoo, rides, etc. A visit to the lemurs is usually much appreciated by both young and old.

Just outside the city center is Hallstaberget, one of Sweden's most complete ski facilities offering alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, roller skiing and ski jumping. In the municipality, there are a total of four alpine facilities and several exercise tracks in the smaller towns.

In the municipality, there are three riding schools, two bowling alleys, several gyms and sports associations that provide the opportunity to practice everything from floorball to martial arts, curling, orienteering, dance etc.

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Bild från dalstation i Halsstaberget som visar Hallstabacken med massa med folk på snön