Establishments and growth

Sollefteå municipality is a burgeoning growth municipality with great opportunities for those who want to establish a business. On February 28, 2022, the municipality adopted a Growth Strategy with the goal of becoming 23,000 (+20%) residents by the year 2035 - join us on the journey!

Faith in the future is strong and new establishments are currently at the top of the priority list, for example the investment with Uniper in Hamre, Långsele. Are you also considering establishing yourself in Sollefteå municipality or are you simply just curious? How fun! Feel free to contact us and we'll talk more!

When it comes to establishments of various kinds, we of course work under confidentiality, your thoughts and plans stay with us. You can safely come to us and talk about your establishment without it spreading further. We can also help connect you with the right people within and around the municipal organization so that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Welcome to contact us at the business unit:

Thomas Östlund - Business manager
Telephone 070-211 15 38
E-mail thomas.ostlund@solleftea.se

Johan Olsson - Business developer
Telephone 070-713 49 06
E-mail johan.olsson@solleftea.se

Jan Röhlander - Business developer
Telephone 073-180 01 58
E-mail jan.rohlander@solleftea.se