Education and child care

Tjej med färgar på händeran

Children are the best thing we have, and it is essential that we can offer good childcare and educational school activities. Preschool lays the foundation for children's lifelong learning. Each student must be allowed to develop according to their conditions in school. All activities must be characterised by high quality, joy and understanding.

In preschool, the foundation for all learning is laid. We want your child to be greeted by a safe and educational preschool. In the municipality's preschools, your child is met with educational activities where care and learning form a whole. Your child may develop according to his conditions and in cooperation between children, educators and parents. We are close to nature and have opportunities for outdoor activities in all our preschools.

You can apply for a place at a preschool in our e-service for preschools and leisure centres. You can also get help with your application at the municipality's citizen service in Sollefteå (municipal hall) or our citizen offices in Ramsele, Junsele and Näsåker.

Preschool class and ground school
Education in pre-school and primary school aims for the students to acquire and develop knowledge and skills and grow with their tasks for themselves and others. In Sollefteå municipality, in recent years, we have developed the schools' indoor and outdoor learning environments and consciously invested in the digital learning environment and the opportunities it provides. We also have the advantage of being close to nature and the opportunity for outdoor activities both for schools in the municipality's urban areas and in rural schools.

Leisure centres

The leisure centre's activities complement the school's mission, and the activities emphasise the importance of play for learning. We use our outdoor environments and opportunities to, together with the students, be active during the school-free part of the day. You apply for an after-school place in the e-service for preschools and after-school centres.

Independent schools

Edsele Free School (F-6)Link to another website. Länk till annan webbplats.

Staff cooperative Natt som Day (Skedom Sollefteå). Also has care during the evening, weekend and night. Phone: 0620-149 49

In Ur and Skur, Kulla Preschool (Österforse) Parent cooperative link to another website. Länk till annan webbplats.

Smultronställets Preschool (Junsele) Parent cooperative: 0621-102 08

Skogi's educational activities, Strömnäs Ramsele: 070-414 59 26

Cultural school

If you are 5-18 years old and interested in artistry, dance, film, music and theatre, you are welcome to apply to the Culture School's courses.

We are active throughout the municipality; courses may differ slightly depending on where you live, but contact us, and we will answer your questions.

"By providing tools to express emotions, we strengthen not only students, children and young people but also society, the world" Quote: Culture school staff.

Sollefteå High School

Sollefteå Gymnasium: a flexible high school with great options.

Here, approximately 650 students study 12 different national programs and many multiple specialisations, as well as the various fields of the introductory program and the high school special needs school. We have a wide range of interesting and fun programs.

Reveljen & SFI (Swedish for Immigrants)

Reveljen is Sollefteå Municipality's centre for adult learning and development. Here we have collected all forms of adult education to make it easier for you who want to study. Reveljen can be found in three ochre-coloured buildings in the Nipan area, Sollefteå. Everything is here for you to succeed in your studies, for example, group rooms, video conferences, cafeteria and the opportunity to write exams. At Reveljen, you can study everything from English at a basic level or high school level to a distance course in legal overview course at the University of Luleå. As if that were not enough, they also offer training in Swedish for immigrants and special training for adults.