The High Coast Inlands

In the inner parts of the High Coast you are treated to fantastic nature where rivers and lakes meet beautiful forests and small villages. The powerful Ångermanälven is known for salmon fishing, "nipor" created by the uplift of the land and, not least, the river is a source of nature experiences. The campfires are burning in the forest and we meet around the fire. Together we create meeting places with nature as a foundation.

City of Nipor - part of the High Coast

Whether you want to visit the High Coast in summer or winter, Sollefteå has a lot to offer. Hallstaberget is an iconic landmark that rises high above the nip landscape.

Hallstaberget is a well-visited place in winter that offers skiing both lengthwise and crosswise. Locals especially visit the Jan Gullik croft, 1.5 km from Hallstaberget, a popular sledding hill with shelter from the wind and barbecue areas. But summer also attracts people to the mountain for relaxation or outdoor life and, above all, exercise. The roller ski track in Sollefteå still holds up today as one of Sweden's toughest and most varied tracks.

In addition to relaxing in Sollefteå's nature, you can treat yourself to a weekend at Hotel Hallstabergets Länk till annan webbplats. spa and relax. In short, Sollefteå offers both speed and relaxation all year round.

In Sollefteå there are fun and activities all year round. Every year several thousand visitors gather at some of Sollefteå's biggest events. Lastbilsträffen, one of Sweden's largest truck meets, the Urkult music festival which offers exciting meetings and music in natural surroundings as well as national and international competitions in cross-country skiing on Hallstaberget.

For more experiences in the High Coast, visit Länk till annan webbplats.