The Edsele mine

Bild på den gamla Edselegruvan, med dess bergvägg och klara vatten

Northwest of Edsele lies Västernorrland's largest quartz and feldspar quarry, namely the beautiful Edsele mine.

The mine is secluded along a narrow dirt road of about five kilometres. Drive towards Edsele Såg, then follow the forest road from Ramneå. There is a road barrier a few kilometres from the mine, this can be locked on occasional occasions when the road is not usable, for example during thawing.

The easiest way to get to the top and get a view of the mine is to walk along the small road on the right that leads you to the top.

On the gravel road towards the mine, you pass the nice swimming area at Rammsjön with a jetty and jumping tower in the water!

The mine can be visited in July and August when the road is kept open.
Questions about locked road barriers are referred to Edsele Såg 0623-203 70

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