Recreation and tourism

Welcome to Sollefteå. Our natural beauty, many active organisations, and exciting culture offer a wide range of activities, for both residents and tourists.

Beautiful views

The dramatic scenery with its tall mountains and deep river valleys offers some dizzying views. All around Sollefteå are wonderful observation points where you can stop and be enchanted by the magic of the scenery.

Sollefteå – the town that’s five minutes to everything

Our municipal seat, Sollefteå town, offers not only shopping, but also many other activities such as slalom, cross-country skiing, wonderful hiking trails, salmon fishing and camping. And all these are just five minutes from town.

Sollefteå Camping is located in an area of great natural beauty, next to the banks of the Ångerman River and within walking distances to the centre of town. In the same area as the camping facilities, there’s a heated swimming pool, tennis courts and miniature golf.

In the very centre of Sollefteå you can even do something as unique as fishing salmon, an activity that attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over the world.

On Hallsta Mountain you’ll find one of Sweden’s most complete ski resorts with everything from cross-country ski tracks to ski jumping and downhill skiing.

A physically active municipality

All around the Sollefteå are lovely hiking trails, ski tracks, and ski slopes for every kind of skier, from beginners to expert downhill skiers.

Sollefteå boasts a rich variety of strong, active organisations, and offers something for everyone. The great football and hockey facilitates, snow scooters and hiking trails, boule grounds and more are maintained by the Municipality and active sport and other organisations.

At Nipvallen in Sollefteå, there is a curling rink, and there’s bowling in both Sollefteå and central Junsele.

At various locations in the municipality there are heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools. In addition, it’s never far to the closest bathing place.

Our three rivers and many rapids, lakes and streams make our municipality into a fishing paradise.

Junsele Zoo has white lions and other rare animals from near and far.

Publicerad: 2012-07-04