Reception of refugees

The Municipality of Sollefteå has an agreement with the Migration Board according to which the Municipality will accept 80–100 refugees with residence permits.

Since 1 December 2010, the Employment Service has the primary responsibility for creating individual introduction programmes.

In cooperation with the Employment Service, the refugees received create a personal establishment plan. This contains a fulltime programme that includes Swedish instruction (SFI), an orientation about Swedish society (SO), educational counselling, and in some cases, traineeship.

The Municipality of Sollefteå is responsible for SFI, SO and educational counselling. The Employment Service also works together with private persons and businesses (Lotsar), who act as a support in matters such as finding work.

Those who have worked out an establishment plan together with the Employment Service have a right to get establishment support (etableringsersättning), which is a form of financial assistance from the Social Insurance Office.

For persons who have a residence permit and are part of the refugee quota that the Municipality has agreed with the Migration Board to accept, the Municipality will be responsible for:

  • Financial assistance before the Social Insurance Office begins paying establishment support.
  • Information about the Municipality and the cooperating agencies
  • Temporary housing for up to one week.
  • Offers of housing for the refugees.
  • Contacts with national registration and registration with the Social Insurance Office.
  • Referral for a medical examination
  • Registration for Swedish for Immigrants (SFI), schools and preschools.

Adults may apply for a loan from the National Board for Study Support (CSN) in order to purchase furniture and other items to their new home.

Publicerad: 2012-07-02