Upper secondary school

In Sweden, all children and teenagers who have graduated lower secondary school have a right to an upper secondary school education that should provide a stable basis for work, higher education and active participation in public life.

Upper secondary school (gymnasieskolan) offers different types of programmes:

  • Eighteen national programmes each lasting three years. These consist of upper secondary foundation subjects, subjects common to a programme, orientations, programme specialisations and a diploma project.
  • Five introductory programmes for pupils who are not eligible for a national programme.
  • Education that deviates from the national programme structures; special variants, programmes based on national recruitment, and nationally approved sports programmes (NIU).

Gudlav Bilder School

Sollefteå municipality’s upper secondary school is named Gudlav Bilder School, after Gudlav Bilder, a rich man who lived in the 14th century and donated the land on which the school stands. Gudlav Bilder School is a modern school with active links to its history and a location in the midst of the beautiful Ådalen area.

The school strives to the fullest extent to adapt itself to the interests of young people, as well as to satisfy the long-term needs of our society and its labour market.

The 750 students who attend Gudlav Bilder School can choose from a broad range of educational programmes.

In addition, Gudlav Bilder School includes special upper secondary schools for skiing and natural resource management.

Sollefteå Ski High School

The skiing school at Gudlav Bilder School has specialisations in cross-country skiing, biathlon and alpine skiing. The students of the Ski High School come from all over the world, and have been very successful in various competitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Natural Resource Management High School

Skedom School in Sollefteå has a natural resource management high school with specialisations with forestry, hunting and fishing.

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Publicerad: 2019-09-20