Swedish as a second language

Children and teenagers who come to Sweden from another country often have little or no knowledge of Swedish. It is important that they quickly learn the language and gain an understanding of their new country and its culture. Being able to speak and write Swedish is crucial for their future in Sweden.

Centre for Swedish as a second language

At Valla School in Sollefteå town there is a centre for Swedish as a second language. Here newly arrived students are taught a subject known as Swedish as a Second Language (svenska som andraspråk), which is a mixture of Swedish language and culture.

This subject gives the students the opportunity to speak, listen, read and write Swedish. The goal is to have the students learn Swedish on the same level as students who are native speakers of Swedish.

International class

At Valla School, there is an international class for students from grades four to nine. Here, recent arrivals study mostly Swedish as a Second Language and Mathematics.

Not all students begin in the international class as Valla School. Some are placed directly in a regular class at an ordinary school, and instead receive several hours of instruction each week in Swedish as a Second Language.

Students from pre-school class to third grade remain in their regular classes and receive special support in learning Swedish.

Publicerad: 2016-01-28