Assistance getting work

A person who is outside the labour market can obtain help from the Sollefteå municipal labour market office.

The goal is to give those outside the labour market the ability to support themselves through measures such as:

  • Introduction, coaching and guidance A plan for the future is prepared. Together with the jobseeker. We find ways, opportunities, directions and goals to realise the plan, regardless of whether it’s about education or work.
  • Occupational testing Occupational ability is tested in relation to the demands of the labour market. Based on the results, we find the right steps that will lead to an educational programme or employment.
  • Traineeship Traineeship gives participants the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and qualities to one or more employers. The goal of the traineeship is to increase the chances of getting hired.
  • Occupational training The purpose of occupational training is to provide participants with an opportunity to improve their physical, mental and social abilities for a given task, and to begin their return to work after a long period outside the labour market.
  • Skills development The Labour Market Office helps individuals add the skills and expertise that enable them to meet the demands of the labour market
  • Job search Jobseekers are assisted in writing personal letters and CVs, as well as practicing interview skills, in order to increase their chances of being hired.

Publicerad: 2013-11-07