Child care and preschool

The goal of the municipality is to ensure that all preschool activities and all after-school centres should provide every child with a high-quality happy learning environment.

Parents can choose two forms of preschool activities: pre-schools (förskolor) and family daycare (familjedaghem). Children who have begun primary school are provided with childcare in the form of after-school centres (fritidshem).


Preschool is an educational facility for children between one and five years old. Sollefteå has many municipal preschools intended to offer good educational activities for every child.

Family daycare

Family daycare, sometimes called municipal child-minders (dagmammor), is an alternative to preschool. A child-minder works at home, and sometimes also in shared facilities. The children are one to five years old.

After-school centres

School children care centres (skolbarnomsorg) or after-school centres (fritidshem) are a complement to a child’s home and school. The Municipality offers recreational activities for children up to twelve years whose parents work or study.

After-school centres are open during the part of the day when children are not in school, as well as during school holidays.

Childcare Guide

The Childcare Guide (barnomsorgsguiden) is a service for parents seeking childcare. Facts about everything from educational methods and organisational structure to costs and rights are presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

Additional information

Additional information on preschool and schoolchild care can be found on the website of the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket).

Publicerad: 2019-09-20