The municipal council decides which boards should exist, and elects their members. These members come from different parties, and each board deals with a specific area, such as child and school issues. As each municipality decides which boards it will have, this aspect can vary from municipality to municipality.

The various boards have the following tasks:

  • Responsibility for the daily functioning of the municipality
  • Preparation of measures it their own areas that must be decided by the municipal council.
  • Implementing decisions by the municipal council.

In reality, it is not the members that do the daily work of the boards, but rather employees. The work can range from granting a building permit for a house, to helping families with social problems to making sure that elderly people get home service.

The Municipality of Sollefteå has the following boards:

  • Child and school board
  • Municipal executive board
  • Art board
  • Culture, education and recreation board
  • Service, care and assistance board
  • Health and eldercare board
  • Town planning board
  • Water and sewer board
  • Election board
  • Chief guardian board

Publicerad: 2012-07-02