The municipality of Sollefteå is divided into six administrations, which have the following areas of responsibility:

  • The municipal executive board administration deals with governance, business and development issues, internal service, etc.
  • The child and school administration deals with day-care for children, as well as primary and secondary schools.
  • The culture, education, and recreation administration deals with adult education, refugees, labour market issues, and everything having to do with culture and associations
  • The town planning office deals with everything relating to water and sewage, streets and parks, town planning, waste handling, environmental issues, etc.
  • The personal assistance and care office deals with psychiatric, handicap and family care.
  • Office of care and the elderly deals with home service, special housing, and transport service for the elderly and disabled.

This is only a short summary of the tasks of each administration.

Publicerad: 2012-07-02