Welcome to the Municipality of Sollefteå

There's plenty of power in Sollefteå, both in its residents, and in its plentiful wind, water, and forests.

Sollefteå municipality (Sollefteå kommun) is located in the province of Ångermanland, and forms part of Västernorrland County. The area of the municipality is almost 5,500 km2, so there's lots of room for both people and businesses.

The administrative centre of this large municipality is located the central town of Sollefteå.  On this site, the word Sollefteå will refer to the entire municipality, and the phrase, Sollefteå town will refer to the actual central town by that name.

About 20,000 people live in our municipality, and half of us live in Sollefteå town. The next largest population centres are Långsele, Näsåker, Ramsele and Junsele.

Sollefteå enjoys excellent transportation links, and is reachable by air, bus and train.

More than 2,000 people work for the Municipality of Sollefteå.


Facts about the Municipality of Sollefteå

Population: about 20,000, half of whom live in the town of Sollefteå.

Area: 5,433 km2.

Distance from north to south: 130 kilometres.

Distance from east to west: 113 kilometres

The Ångerman River winds through our municipality on its way to the sea. Its length of 450 kilometres makes it the longest navigable river in Sweden.

Publicerad: 2012-10-30