COVID-19 Information in different Languages

Translated resources to help share the messaging about coronavirus (COVID-19) in various languages.

You can find information about the virus and how you can protect yourself i different languages here at Folkhälsomyndigheten.länk till annan webbplats

News about the new Coronavirus in english, العربية, suomeksi, Soomaali, فارسی|دری, Kurmancî, سۆرانی, davvisámegilli, romani, meänkielele och på lätt svenska can be found here.länk till annan webbplats

Short films about the covid19 pandemic in 13 different languages. länk till annan webbplats

Information about vaccination

At you’ll find information about covid-19 and the vaccination against covid-19 in other languages than Swedish.länk till annan webbplats

Light reading about the Coronavirus

ኣዋናዊ ሓበሬታ ብዛአባ ኮሮና (tigrinja)PDF

(persiska/dari) خواندن اطلاعات آسان در موردPDF

(arabiska) معلومات سهلة القراءة عن الفیروس التاجيPDF

Lättläst information på svenskaPDF

Regional recommendations for those who live in Västernorrland

Use a facial covering in public indoor environments
If you were born in 2004 or earlier, you should use a mouth covering when travelling on public transport whatever the time of day, and in public indoor environments, which may be crowded. Examples of public indoor environments are shopping centres, shops, pharmacies and other services, such as filling stations and hairdressing salons.

Refrain from any unnecessary travel
You should refrain from any unnecessary travel, both within and outside the county. If you do need to travel, you should keep the risk of infection to a minimum. If you have any symptoms, you should be able to get home safely.

The regional recommendations are to reiterate the advice that applies to the country:
• Stay at home if you feel ill.
• Wash your hands frequently.
• Limit contact with others.
• Keep a distance from other people.
• Work from home if you can.
• Minimise the risk of infection during sports and leisure activities.
• Travel safely. This advice is now being reinforced in Västernorrland.
• Use a facial covering on public transport where you can’t reserve a seat.
This advice is now being reinforced in Västernorrland.

Regional recommendations in other languages

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