Rules in
the cross country ski track

In order for you and others to have a good time and get good training in the ski tracks, it is good to show respect. There are a number of rules that are designed by the Swedish Ski Association presented here below.

All skiing is your own responsibility.

Show respect for other racers. Give attention if you wish to pass others in the track.  If you are coming from behind you must always make way if you wish to pass.  Be especially careful when the ski track merges or intersects.

Help others if they are involved in an accident or need help in another way.

Always go to the side if you make a stop in the ski tracks.

Do not make unnecessary stops in the ski tracks where visibility is limited, such as behind hills, curves and steep descents.

Adjust your speed. Make sure you can stop for unforeseen obstacles. Keep in mind that the characteristics of the ski track changes in different weather.

Show respect for nature. Do not disturb the animals and do not litter.

Be prepared if and when ski-making vehicles or other vehicles appear in the ski tracks and ski trails.

Tell the staff if you detect any obstacle or danger.

Competitions and other arrangements should not be conducted without the permission of the responsible staff.

It is the skier's responsibility to know the rules. Follow all signs and instructions when skiing.

Damaged or lost ski equipment is not replaced by Hallstaberget.

Good to know is that during certain weather conditions and snow conditions it is better not to prepare the snow at the ski tracks. Therefore, you may find the track less perfect.

Here you will find the rules concerning Fees for ski tracks and Dogs in the ski tracks.


Publicerad: 2016-11-29