The roller-ski track was built in 1993 and was topped with new asphalt in summer of 2012. The track is still considered as one of the toughest and most varied courses in Sweden.

The electrically illuminated roller-ski track is designed so that you can go for up to 10 different lengths with varying techniques and toughness.

The stadium has space for technique training, and the two shorter circular tracks that are 150 and 350 meters.

Other lengths are 800, 1300, 2000, 3800, 4500 and 4700 meters. The longest track is 5400 meters. The width of the track is at least 3 meters.

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Fees for Hallsta roller-ski track

Rollerskiing Biathlon

The shooting range is paved and is adjacent to the roller-ski track. From summer 2011, we have also a paved penalty round.

We thus offer training on roller skis in combination with shooting.

Publicerad: 2017-01-02