Facts concerning the ski-tracks

The total track length is about 60 kilometers. 7.5 km are electrically illuminated. The ski-tracks prepared for both classical and freestyle skiing.

Maps of the tracks are found here: Ski track maps

Cross-country trails

There are nine main tracks that are labeled with color coding according to length of track.  At the crossings you will see the color markings instructing you to choose the right track.

Färgmarkering skidspår

In order to reduce the risk of accidents, it is important to go in the right direction. Right traveling direction has the classic ski track to the right of the free skiing area.

When meeting a track machine step firmly aside. The evening before a competition, the electrically illuminated ski track closes at 21:00 for race preparation.

Do not walk in the ski tracks.

Roller-skiing track

During the summer we have 6 km of roller-skiing track. There are 6 main tracks, which are marked in the asphalt with arrows and kilometer references.

In the summer it is important to keep watch and leave preference for roller skiers.

Publicerad: 2016-11-29