Artificial snow


Hallstaberget has artificial snow devices for the slalom ski slopes, downhill ski slopes, the jump slopes with lift-track and 7,5km illuminated cross country ski-tracks.

Water is pumped up from the river to the ski slopes with pumps then transports the water to the necessary ski-slopes.

With the arrival of cold weather, usually by October, the artificial snow devices will start up.

Cross-country ski-tracks and the jump slopes are first attended to; it takes just 2-3 days to prepare the snow tracks. We are running up to 25 snow cannons on the length of the tracks and a number of snow cannons in the slalom slope. As soon as the cross country tracks and ski jumps are ready we start preparing the alpine slopes.

Preparing the snow is done in collaboration with the local ski clubs.

Publicerad: 2016-11-29