The Sportsfacility

Hallstaberget can with its recognized high quality ski-track preparations and ski track service, offer optimal conditions for great skiing. The position of the ski tracks high on the peak of Hallstaberget (300 meters) means early snow and a pleasant climate.

The average temperature is only 3-4 degrees below zero. The intricate ski-track system creates many opportunities for your own customized training with varied length and difficulty.

Daniel Richardsson

During the snow-free part of the year we offer varied roller ski courses to train on.

It is no coincidence that the ski terrain in Sollefteå has helped several world skiers in both cross-country and biathlon achieve great success. Elis Wiklund, Marie Helen "Billan" Westin, Håkan Westin and Helena Ekholm are just some of the names.

Sollefteå ski club conduct their training here as well as Sollefteå cross-country ski Gymnasium as well as the biathlon Gymnasium.

Staff is available on site or on call every day of the year except Christmas Eve!

Publicerad: 2017-01-02