Jan Gullik Cottage

The Jan Gullik cottage is located 1.5 km from the ski stadium, sitting on top of a popular sledding hill, see the map.

At the sledding hill there are shelters with possibilities for barbecues. The hill is facing south and is a very popular destination during the spring.

You can ski to Jan Gullik from Hallsta ski stadium or Kälen (waste collection area). There is also road access to the foot of the hill.

The history of Jan Gullik

Johan Gulliksson born in 1814 (popularly known as Jan Gullik) received right to farm at the cottage in the mid-1800s by the farmer Nils Nyberg, who was the owner of the farm number 3 in Hallsta. Data says that the cottage was built by timber in 1854. Together with his wife, Maria Helena Mattisdotter born 1818, they cultivated at the cottage.

Jan Gullik continued cultivating the land long as he could. At most, it is believed that two cows and one calf and a few goats could be sustained there during winter.

Jan Gullik died in 1900 at the age of 86, and his wife passed a few years later in 1905. They had two daughters. Since the Gulliksson family left the cottage it was mostly empty however from time to time it was occupied by woodcutters.

Husband and wife Abraham and Karolina Näslund continued the tradition of inviting people walking in the woods, or skiers in the winter, welcoming them with coffee, while exchanging news about the people and the nature of the area. The area was a popular destination for holiday trips in the decades of 1910 and 1920’s. Abraham Näslund died in 1922, while his wife lived at the cottage at least until 1929 until her passing.

When the Swedish tourism association (STF) in the 1920’s decided to get started in Sollefteå they began by building a lookout tower on Hallstaberget Mountain in 1929. After that the Hallstastugan cottage was built in 1932.

The Jan Gullik cottage was renovated in 1937, thus giving it a more official role as a holiday destination.

In 1943 the ownership of it passed to the municipality of Sollefteå.

Publicerad: 2017-01-02